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Marq Wess

Founder, Stoodyus

"I am dedicated to continuing my mission of helping students achieve academic success."

About The Company

"In late 2017, I took my first CLEP exam and wanted to share my experience by creating a YouTube video. To my surprise, I received numerous comments and emails from individuals who were struggling with exam anxiety. In response to this, I committed myself to producing study material and videos to assist students in overcoming their test-taking fears. After 4 years of providing support and resources, I was proud to launch Stoodyus in August 2022.

Why Stoodyus?

Stoodyus Prep

Find Your Starting Point

Farewell to confusion, doubt, and anxiety! This study prep is your ticket to success. With an easy-to-follow structure and expert-vetted material, you'll be well on your way to a passing score!


Study What You Need

Focus on the topics that matter most - the ones that will actually appear on your exam. Stoodyus stays ahead of the game by updating study prep annually and adhering to the latest College Board breakdowns.


Save Time

Get exam-ready in just 3 weeks or less!  My comprehensive study plans are specifically designed to help you stay focused and on track. Say goodbye to stress and hello to success with this proven approach.


Save Money

Don't break the bank! This straightforward test preparation offers students an affordable alternative to traditional preparation methods.

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" Helped me passed..."

Just wanted to comment how goated you are!! Helped me passed my clep test appreciate you

Stoodyus Prep
Joshua D.

"Go on TikTok..."

Go on TikTok! You will blow up. Thank you for the value!

Stoodyus Prep

"Thank you for your efforts!!"

I can't emphasize how helpful this video was! Thank you for your efforts!!

Stoodyus Prep
Johana C.

" Thanks for the help , big dawg! "

MY GUY! thanks for the help, big dawg! I really appreciate what you do. Keep up the amazing work! 

Stoodyus Prep
Omar E.

“Such a huge help thanks a lot! ”

Dangggg this is such a huge help thanks a lot dawg! Its so dope to see u using your gift to help people. Keep grinding bro!

Stoodyus Prep
Judah Z.

“I really appreciate this man”

Hey never quit! I really appreciate this man. God bless you and enjoy life!

Stoodyus Prep
Jesse R.

“Your 2022 video still accurate”

I saw your 2022 video and wow its still accurate, Im taking my test tomorrow, very nervous but I got this!

Stoodyus Prep
Meta A.

" Thank you for dedicating your time "

Your study prep has been so helpful! I had to take 3 CLEP exams over break to graduate college on time and watching your videos encouraged me and made me feel like it was possible to pass them. I just took the last CLEP exam and I passed! Thank you for dedicating your time to helping students!

Stoodyus Prep
Brittney D.

" Thanks for the resources! "

I think you're exactly what I'm looking for in terms of another option for studying certain topics and I'm happy that this works better for my schedule. I will definitely be watching more of your videos. Thanks for the resources!

Stoodyus Prep
Keyana W.

" Passed with 74 "

Thank you so much for the info! Took this exam last Tuesday and passed with 74.

Stoodyus Prep
Paola R.

“Thank you for the flash cards ..."

Hey Marq , thank you for the flash cards and the tips! I have never taken a CLEP exam before and passed with a 51!

Stoodyus Prep
Victor S.

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American Literature

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American Government

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Human Development

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Intro Psychology

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Principles of Management

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Spanish Language 1&2

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Accurate Is Your Study Prep?

The study prep is highly accurate and updated quarterly. All study guides, modules, and flashcards follow the college board breakdown. This keeps everything lean, and students know exactly what they need to study to pass their exams.

How Often Do You Add New Study Prep?

I will be adding new study modules every quarter. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to send me an email here.

How Long Should I Study For My Exam?

I designed my 2-week study program to have you exam ready in a sufficient amount of time. Although this program is very valuable, if you have extra time to allocate to your study process, I encourage you to do so. The more time you spend studying only increases your chances of earning a higher score.

What Sets "Stoodyus" Apart?

Study With Marq was created for students by students and vetted by subject matter experts. I know the pain and struggle of trying to prepare for a CLEP exam, and it can be very confusing and nerve-racking to find a starting point. I believe that when it comes to solving this problem, no one on the internet does it better than I do.